How To Use Word Counter To Know The Ideal Length Of Blog Post. This is a very good question, what is the best blog length for SEO in 2019? And it depends on what, But I will tell you some different ways to know this, which will be very simple and will be easy to understand. 

You can also call this name or method ‘Top average method’ and you can get very good traffic by writing the ten posts on your website, it depends on their average length.

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How To Use Word Counter To Know The Ideal Length Of Blog Post

Ideal Blog Post Length Should Be

You can not analyze online post length in advance, because your post expresses your views and how much you know about that, it is very difficult to guess in advance, but by doing this method, you can guess the length. You can use this platform to express the actual situation.

This method is so simple that you can use it very easily and I want the reader to use it. Last year, a different type of formula was done, but this year, this top 10 formula is very effective and will be very helpful for you.

blog, length, word, counter, post
How To Use Word Counter To Know The Ideal Length Of Blog Post

How Long Should Your Blog Post Be For SEO

This year the blog length should have been around 1800. Most writers do not keep the length of their post very much, because it takes a lot of diligence, they have to collect data, check the authenticity of the post, then they are ready to post a longer and better content post. 

Many bloggers publish posts without any study and analysis, they do not even follow the Google algorithm, they close the post on the maximum 1000 words, the minimum length is 300, Google always gives the priority to depth and quality content.

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Length Of Blog Post - 1000 Words


1. First of all, open the Google Analytics of your website and in that you find 10 top posts from the organic search option of the post and write it separately.

2) Now take your top post and count its words. For this, you can also use the word counter, which is available on the Internet. If you have a word page in your computer, then copy and paste the post content and from that, you will see the actual information of the available word on the toolbar. That would be very convenient.

3) If you get 200 words in the sidebar, then you reduce 200 words from the length (total length) of the top 10 blog posts, this will be your average length for which you have to write the post.

You do this method in your blog post and see the results. You have to take care that the quality of the content of the post is not compromised and written in-depth. Do not compromise on quality to increase the length of content.

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Quality Post Instead Of Quantity Post In Blog


SEO is the most important part of blogging, it is very difficult to succeed in blogging without it. Today all bloggers focus on SEO so that they can make their blog more important in search engines. A good blogger knows a lot about SEO because he uses it to write a daily post.

You should also focus on SEO and know about its tips, functions, and advantages, only then you will be able to rank your post in the search engine and make your blog a brand. The content that is written by using SEO has a lot of power and has the power to beat other content.

You should try to incorporate new things in your blog post - Do not introduce those facts in the post again and again which have already been shared. Your new post should contain something new and information that attracts the reader and They should share them with other people. 

By writing some new facts in the post, the reader will come to read your blog post again and again and become your permanent reader. He will be waiting for your new post because he will trust that he will get to know something new which will be beneficial for him. 

Whatever you write in your post should be in simple language and the reader should understand it easily.

You should search for content that increases curiosity in readers - you should share the content that helps in ending the confrontational going on in your reader's mind. Get him out of the complications and feel happy to understand things. Some things like - infographics, memes, quizzes.

Photo or image helps in understanding the content and also increases the interest of readers. Therefore, you should also share a picture with the post which defines the content of the post and increases the interest of the reader.

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The Ideal Length Of Blog Post


There are many ways you can use the word count to grow - you don't think I have to increase the word count. You think that I am talking to my reader and I am explaining it to him. With this, you will introduce many words yourself which will be the relevance of the content. Some new words will also be discovered which are commonly spoken. You should use the LSI keyword in your post.


The most important thing is that you do not write blog posts for Google search engine. Your only objective is to provide a solution to the reader's problem and not to make the post conform to the search engine. 

The reader spends his valuable time on your blog post and expects something from you. You should not increase the length of blog post for search engine ranking, but try to make the post quality. Otherwise, you will lose your reader and next time they will search for another website. 

Google definitely considers depth information posts to be important but ranks only quality posts.

1) Whenever you start writing a blog post, do keyword research first and never think who will read your blog post. If you have reached the readers correctly, then they will definitely read it and it is necessary to use the right keyword to convey their content to them. 

These will help increase the number of followers. For this, you can use and

2) Before writing your blog post, definitely think about which platform you have to use for promotion and sharing of your post. The SEO of the platform has to be written keeping the post in mind. Flash ads on Facebook and LinkedIn platforms are also to be used for keywords in posts.

3) A solution provider content always returns a positive signal to the reader and is helpful in adding the reader forever. If the reader is satisfied then the number of subscribers to your blog will increase and a group of confirmed readers will be waiting for your new content to be published.

4) To keep your readers interested in your blog posts, use some techniques in the post. First of all, link each post internally to each other so that the reader can easily go to another post after one post. Keep in mind that the internal link should be similar to the post being read by the reader.

Reduce the loading time of your blog post. Your post should be in front of the reader in a maximum of 3 seconds. This technique will help you in bouncing the bounce rate. Combine the heading of the post with the keyword and use the low competition keyword or LSI keyword. So that your post can be ranked.

Use graphics with posts that help the reader understand the content. You ask for feedback from the reader and follow them. Also, inform the reader by mail. Analyze your blog post and try to understand the data, which post the reader likes and how much time he is spending. Focus more on the content related to those content.

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Analyze Content For Optimal SEO Word Count


To judge the length of the post, use Google Analytics. You will be able to do a perfect analysis. You see what content the organic search is getting more. Look at its word count and length and try to beat it. This is the best SEO trick which will help to rank the content and gain more organic traffic.

Final Conclusion On Length Of The Post

From this post, you will know that you do not have to compromise on quality and if you write a post of 1600 to 1800 words, then you will not have to face problems for traffic on the website.