7 Common Myths And Facts About The Brain. The human brain is a powerful organ that controls all body functions, interprets information from the outside world and stores the information in your memory instantly. This is the powerhouse of your body. 

Myths And Facts About The Brain

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7 Common Myths About The Brain

Nobody knows that the great myths of the brain & facts about brain psychology. A human being uses 20 percent of the brain & it is proved that this is the psychological facts of the brain. (Do Dolphins)

The Great Myths Of Brain

A healthy brain always thinks in a positive manner. You can not analyze the capacity of this organ. So many facts are described in books like - mythology of brain, brain cool facts, popular myths about human brain & busted brain myths.
Compose of the cerebrum, cerebellum, and brainstorm, the brain controls our capacity for art, moral judgment, and language. 

But you can get some very wrong ideas about the brain that means people have the wrong myths about the brain and do not want to change at any cost. 

They have the wrong concept of these points, which are brain use, memory, fact, dominance.  

7 Psychological Facts Of Brain

1. Use Only 10% Of Your Brain (Myth)- Fact Is: This myth is very popular that everyone is using only ten percent of his mind. 

It can only be tracked down to the reserve energy theory by Harvard psychologists William James. A drug, which indicates that brain usage 100%. CPH4 is a product in the human body, which is needed for the formation of tetrahydrobiopterin.  

He said that people only meet a fraction of their full mental potential. You also know that you can use your mind more than that. The myth sounds appealing because they see it in terms of human potential.

2. Permanent Brain Damage (Myth) - Fact Is: The brain has the capacity to repair or compensate for certain losses and even generate new cells. 

The scientist believes that if the brain was unalterable or it was broken, then tough for you to fix. Your brain made from plastic throughout life.

3. Crossword Puzzles Improve Your Memory (Myth) - Fact Is: This is the big thought run in the world that crossword puzzles improve memory. Solving crossword puzzles delayed the onset of memory decline in individuals between the age of 75 and 85. 

That decline showed a sign of dementia. The most scientist said that there is no harm to solve the crossword puzzles but it is also true that this activity is not beneficial too.

4. Being In A Coma Is Like Being Asleep: Wake Up Well Rested (Myth) - Fact Is: You have seen the number of films and heroes gone in the coma. After some time they recover himself and happy when coming out from the coma. 

Their coma is harmless but in real life, those emerging from coma often suffer disabilities. They need rehabilitation. Generally high-traffic brain regions normally bright hubs of activity, even during sleep.

5. Headaches Are In The Brain (Myth) - Fact Is: Headaches, the main cause is tension from some work, swelling of blood vessels of the brain. 

Here periosteum and the scalp have pain receptors. The main reason for headaches may be the tightening of the muscles in the neck and the head. 

Another cause of headaches may be an imbalance in serotonin levels. This is essential to regulate mood, sleep and blood vessel.

6. Male Brains Are Biologically Better Suited For Math And Science, Femail Brains For Empathy (Myth) - Fact Is: There are little differences between males and women. The hippocampus, involved in memory is usually larger in women, while the amygdala, involved in emotion, is larger in men. 

Which is quite contrary to the myth. Actually, these changes are not due to biological but due to cultural expectations.

7. Personality Displays A Right Or Left Brain Dominance (Myth) - Fact Is: The two sides of the brain are intricately co-dependent. You will listen that there are two brains in the human being, first is in right-brained and second is left-brained. 

Now you generally know that right brain favor to make you more creative or artistic and another concept is, left-brain favor more technical and logical.

This myth has broken, when using the brain-scanning technology and that cleared the concept - there are two hemispheres of the brain most often work together in complex processing.    

Some Other Interesting Point You Can Share With Colleagues

A) The human brain is the largest brain of all vertebrates relative.

B) The actual weight of your brain is 1.5 Kg, the cerebrum makes up 85% of the brain’s weight.

C) The brain makes up about two person’s body weight.  

D) The brain contains 100 billion nerve cells the Grey matter. These neurons are connected by trillions of connections and also contains 1 billion nerve fibers.

E) The brain is the fattiest organ of our body and the storage capacity is 3 terabytes. The information can fly around your brain at 260 mph.

F) Your brain has the capacity to generate up to 25 watts of power. That is enough to light bulb. This is big information shared with you.

G) The 100000 miles of axons are available in your brain and that is capable to wrap our world 4 times. This the unique information received.

The above-given information collected from a reputed magazine. The
information can not be changed. Because the fact will be lost. So, shared the sentence without modification. 

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