Tips To Remove Holi Colours From Skin. Man and women always take precautions to protect the skin from chemical colour. It is not very easy because several chemical colours are available in the market, which is very dangerous for human skin.

As you know that Holi is the big festival in India. Today we will discuss how to remove Holi colour from clothes, skin, permanent from the face as well as highlighted hairs, spectacles & run powder from the skin.

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Tips To Remove Holi Colours From Skin

How do you remove Colour run from skin? 

That colour enters your body through your skin cells and mixes with blood.

The chemical colour contains mercury and other substances on a large scale and produces cancer and other diseases. A large number of people are affected.

Basically, Indian people play colours on Holi and use chemical-based colours. What colours are not completely herbal. Indian market produces a large quantity of chemical-based colours to fulfil the market needs.

These colours attract people, the lowest price rate is also playing a great role to attract people. If anybody uses these colours, they face problems to eradicate these colours from face and body skin.

You can protect your skin by below-given tips. When you want to use colours, just interpolate olive oil or coconut oil on body skin. Try to use organic Holi colours. That will be easily removed from the face, hair, and skin of your body.

That will help to eradicate chemical colours from your skin at the time of wash. The rest of the colours will be removed by below-given tips and packs. These 7 simple tips to take off Holi colours safely from your body.  

Tips To Remove Safely Holi Colours From Skin, Face, Hair

1. Gram Flour And Curd For Skin Whitening - If your skin is dry then chemical colours may make that drier. To eradicate these chemical-based colours from the skin, get 2 tablespoons of gram flour and 2 tablespoons of curd and mix all with rosewater (Gulab-Jal).

Now just spread this pack on an affected area. Leave this paste 20 minutes and wash with simple water. That will be whitening your skin and remove colours.

2. Honey With Almonds Mixture - These mixtures helpful to eradicate colours as well as glow skin. Just convert almonds in powder and mix with honey, lemon juice and milk then use on the collared area.

Wash this dry mixture with simple warm water.

This will enhance the glow and reduce the dryness of the skin.

3. Lentils (Masoor Dal) with Orange Peel - If your skin is oily then lentils and the orange pack are very useful to remove colours. Grind mixture of dry orange peel and lentils and ready your paste with rosewater (Gulab Jal).

Now spread on the affected area. Wash this dry mixture after some time. This will also help to reduce the oil of your skin.

4. Banana Pack For Hair & Face Skin - Take a ripe banana and mix with milk and honey and use on skin. Wash this mixture after some time in the warm water. Your colour will remove and skin will soften.

This pack is very useful to remove Holi Colours of your hair and face skin.

5. Gram Flour With Rice Flour For Skin & Face - Take an equal amount of gram and rice flour in the utensil. Now mix 1/2 tablespoon Turmeric powder with water and rosewater and ready a pack.

Use it on the affected area. Help to recover your actual skin colours with softness.

The turmeric face pack is a good antiseptic. This pack also protects your skin from rashes.

6. Aloe Vera & Lemon Juice - Aloe Vera is very much effective and good for skin nourishment. The mixture of lemon juice and aloe-Vera is very effective to reduce and eradicate spots on the skin. This mixture can use to rejuvenate the skin after eradicating colours.

You can purchase it from the market or can ready at home. Just take Aloe-Vera tree and collect all juice and mix lemon to make the pack at home. Use this mixture with the cotton ball at the affected skin. Wash after 15 to 20 minutes by simple water.

7. Multani Mitti Pack - No additional component is required with this soil to provide good results for the removal of colours. Just mix the water with Multani soil and ready a pack and spread on the skin.

When the pack will dry, wash this mixture with warm water. This mixture will also help to reduce extra oil from your face and skin. Very useful component for oily skin.

I think these tools reduce your worry about Holi Eva. 7 best way to protect your skin and eradicate chemical colour from the skin by natural method. Share these tips with your colleagues.