A Big Question Is That "Can White Hair Turn Black Again Naturally". Ayurveda has many ways to naturally blacken hair. Ayurveda is strictly against hair coloring. Because this not only spoils the quality of the hair, in addition, the hair gets white again in a few days.

Can White Hairs Turn To Their Original Black Color Naturally

So today we are going to tell you about such Ayurveda things which are present in everyone's kitchen. The method of using it is very simple and the result is even more effective.

You can do white hair turn black again permanently through medicine naturally. So many other natural ways are also available to white, gray hair remove or turn black again.

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Can White Hair Turn Black Again Naturally

Home Remedies To Turn White Hair Black without Chemical - How Remove

1) Amla - Take 3 to 4 dry Amla. Put it in coconut oil and boil well. After that store in a bottle of glass and store it. Massage hair and scalp by using it at night.

Leave it for at least 45 minutes or overnight. Wash your hair in the morning. Use it for 3 consecutive months. The white hair will end completely.

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2) Black Tea Leaf - Boil well in the leaves of black tea. Turn off the gas when the color of the water turns dark. Put on the hair and scalp when the water is cool. Wash the hair after half an hour.

3) Sharp Leaf - Sharp leaf vegetable enhancer helps in enhancing the beauty of the hair. Put curry leaves in coconut oil and heat well. Turn off the gas when the oil starts to boil and fill this bottle with the oil-cooled.

Massage hair and scalp with this oil. Keep the oil in the hair for 45 minutes and after this wash. If possible, keep the oil till morning in hair.

4) Coconut Oil And Lemon - Mix some drops of lemon juice in coconut oil, boil this oil and then massage it well by putting on the scalp. Keep this oil in the hair for 45 minutes and then wash.

These treatments are very helpful to nourish the hair. So, try these tips to black your hair naturally.