The birthday celebration is part of our life. Every people want to enjoy every day with or without any reason. Basically, the Birthday Celebration is for children.

They know about the reason for his birthday celebration and deliberately asking the question to an elder on Eva of celebration like "why celebrate a birthday" etc.

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Special Birthday Celebration Tips

Today we will discuss in the post that how to make birthday special with no money for boyfriend, husband, girlfriend & will share the birthday surprise ideas with epic things to do on your birthday or her birthday simultaneous.

Birthday Special With Surprising Ideas

Every year you celebrate your birthday and invite people and friends to enjoy the new resolution. Today, not only children are celebrating it, but film stars and other people are also using this day to meet new and old friends.

That helps to move forward his life and carrier. New friends know about the birthday boy and discuss new business and social circles. That helps to grow business and social contacts. 

You can say a birthday is an occasion when you celebrate the anniversary of their birth. Your nearest and dearest gives some gift with best wishes and blessings on this occasion.

That blessing helps to get the new decision of your life and empowered you to face the difficulty of life in the easiest way.

Birthday Celebration Ideas For Kids - Places To Celebrate Birthday

When you go to the past, the birthday celebration process was unique. Those people spend that day to help some poor people, Share gifts among children, Go temple and donate new clothes and sweets for the needy.

That was the real celebration process. A birthday boy gets more blessings from them. That place was the best for kids to celebrate the birthday and attach it to society.

The other best part of Birthday Celebration Ideas For Adults is to gust and celebrity enjoy the food and sweets and celebrate in a simple manner. 

Generally, people are enjoying vegetation dishes. This is the best main points of attraction of the celebration.

Birthday Means - Children Day Celebration

Children engage himself to decorate home with the balloon, lights, etc. Write messages and quotes on the door and wall. Makes a video of celebration and uploaded it on social media with the share button. 

The cake is the important dish of the function. Children always try to purchase a big cake with good quality cream. They Purchase can-dells and cards for decoration. They should care to purchase the quality product in minimum expending.  

Another attraction point for children is his gift. They very excited, when receiving the gift from the guest. They think and get an idea from colleagues and friends, which gift they demand from the guardian.

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Make Birthday Special With Surprising Ideas, स्पेशल सालगिरह

5 Special Birthday Celebration Ideas 

1. Planning A Celebration - Planning is necessary. Share data with the family member and fix the place for enjoyment, If you want to celebrate birthday out of town. Search the place and book hotel according to your expenditure. Arrange a private vehicle and go with family. 

I want to celebrate at your house, make the list of items, which required for the party. Take consent from the birthday boy, so they fill that this is his party and celebration. Don't leave alone him. Involve in every decision of a party like food arrangement, decoration, like or dislike, etc..

2. Take Gift Ideas From Other - That is an important point because every member will plan to purchase a gift for the birthday boy. It may be possible for two to three members to purchase the same gift for them.

If it will discuss prior, then everyone knows, which gift will be given by other people. That will help to avoid the similarities to purchase the gift. 

3. Organize Everything The Day Before - Prepare the list and arrange everything one day before of celebration. If you will start purchasing on the same day, may you miss something important to get? 

You can purchase new clothes, decoration items, gifts, the raw material of food items, order the photographer to come on time one day before. May you arrange some sweets items on the same day like - Rasagulla etc...

4. Impressive Dinner Recipes - Try to make some special dishes for dinner. Serve as Birthday Boy in the night and told that this is special for you.

This will fill him good and they always remember you in the future and will share this moment with friends. They miss you when you will be not available on any occasion. 

5. Capture The Moment - Every year you should capture the moments of celebration by the camera. Make the album and keep in safe.

These moments should save electronically too. This will help your coming generation to know your lifestyle and way of life. 

Try to provide group photographs of celebration among friends, who attended this moment. That will keep you close to them.

Inspirational And Famous Birthday Quotes, Wishes

1. "A birthday is a time to reflect on the year gone by. but to also set your goals for the upcoming year". (By Catherine Pulsifer)

2. "Your children need your presence more than your presents".

3. "The way I see it, you should live every day like it's your birthday".

4. "A birth-date is a reminder to celebrate life as well as to update the life".

5. "Happy Birthday beautiful friend, may your day be As beautiful as you".

6. "To my forever friend, happy birthday".

7. "Sending lots and lots of Love and Hugs for your Birthday".

8. "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter".

9. "Middle age is the time when a man is always thinking that in a week or two he will feel as good as ever".

In last I would like to say that you have to thank your life, which gives you a moment of celebration. Open your eyes and see the picture of the coming future.

Keep good thoughts in your mind and try to give some happiness to those children or people, who do not know the meaning of the birthday celebration. They spend his life to keep the lighting of other homes. 

Birth is beginning. It is a chance for you to go with your dream and fulfill it. Give a contribution to keeping your country in the first line.

Then your birth will be meaningful. Birthday is the day, which calls you to do something new for your life and for your country. This is not the end of the day, this is the beginning of the new day.

The birthday celebration is the right way to keep togetherness with family, friends, and colleagues.  

No better way to celebrate a birthday, if you did not commit to providing something special for those people and children who do not know about the goodness of life and meaning of party and birthday celebration. 

10 Important Birthday Party Food List

1.  Snacks 
2.  Cake
3.  Food Plate
4.  Plastic Spoon
5.  Rosgulla
6.  Ice Cream
7.  Cold Drinks Or Juice
8.  Potato chips
9.  Salad, disposable bowls, and tissue paper
10.Big Polythene Bags with buckets or cartons.

Important List Of Birthday Decoration Items

1.  Chocolates (fill in the balloon)
2.  Birthday Banner With Name
3.  Candles
4.  Foam
5.  Balloons   
6.  Knife and Ribbons for decoration
7.  Caps for the Birthday boy.
8.  Face mask
9   Necessary medicine and gift wrappers.

How Can I Make My Birthday Party Special?

Recently I attended my friend's son's birthday party. he has arranged the party in the hotel. He was fixed everything one day before. This was the big birthday party and started with the welcome kit. Next, every guest received starter food and hotel arranged food corner for dinner.

They provide a separate arrangement for non-vegetarian and vegetarian with an indication mark. It was another point that some guests eat some items as boneless fish and appreciate the quality of the dish. End of the party, separate food packages given to guests for those family members, who did not come for certain reasons.

Everyone was happy and appreciated the arrangement of hotel authority. The host did not face any difficulty, everything was pre-planned and hotel management was done a good job.

Guest and host have enjoyed the party. This type of management cool to you. 

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Famous Birthday Quotes

How Do You Make Someone Feel Special On Birthday?

Every guest wants a special focus on the party, If you will arrange all these things separately. Lots of problems come in the way. To handle the situation, you have to work with the planning. You may spend two to three days to arrange a big function.

You will be careful to handle vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests. The arrangement should be done accordingly. 

The best way is to arrange a big occasion by hiring professionals and discuss your planning, as well as will be authorized to make an arrangement according to demand. 

When you arrange the party with a professional then everything will be in control, otherwise, the number of problems may face.

I would like to share another incident. My friend celebrates the function in an open space. When they arranged everything to start the party smoothly. Everything was in the right direction. But they could not assume that the problem can be faced on the day of the occasion.

They did not use waterproof Triple (Pavilion) for function. Everything was going ok, meanwhile, the rain started and all the food wasted. Waterlogging in the field was another problem.

All guests try to get shelter in a small room and hall, but that was not big to provide shelter to all guests in a smooth manner. That was the total lapse of the arrangement. This has occurred because they were not assuming and taking consent from professionals.  

This story aware of you to keep everything in mind and take precautionary measures to start any work. You will enjoy every moment of function, if you ask a question from himself that ‘What Should I Do For My Birthday Celebration Memorable”.

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