9 Ways to Speed Up Your Website. Friends, as you know that a website Page Load Speed is very important to beat your competitor and improve the crawling of site content by the search engine. 

The minimum time is taken to upload your page to enhance the authenticity of your blog and help to improve ranking in Google Search Engine. 

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9 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

The basic question is “How to make web or website pages load faster with pictures or images. The best tips shared with you to speed up web page loading time & open any website faster. It will be applicable for PHP, Wordpress site too”.  

How To Increase Website Speed

Basically, it is a part of the SEO process. The number of searching tools is available to update the current status of website ranking as well as speed analysis of your site.

Tips To Reduce Page Load Time

I would like to share my personal experience with my site analysis. I did not care about the SEO process, just write the content and post on my blog Todayfirstevent

But day by day the number of page viewers decreased. I could not understand the basic problem of the site.

After written 67 plus blog posts, I thought to learn about the process of SEO and faster page load techniques. So, first of all, search the best platform to judge the actual position of site score and status of the page.

The best site, I found was Gtmetrix.com and Pingdom.com. When I searched my site Todayfirstevent.com on the Gtmetix analyze section, I was surprised that my score was very poor and that was ‘D’ on page speed and ‘E’ in Yslow. 

The number of errors was reflecting. These errors are helping to reduce score and create an obstacle to uplift my site ranking in Google search and crawling autonomic.

Here I would like to clarify that if your site is not optimized according to Google optimization technique. It is very difficult to crawl properly.

So, a site owner should properly analyze the navigation of the site and should amend according to Search Engine Optimization techniques. 

When you completely make your site with SEO technique, that will help to increase organic traffic on your site. 

It has been found that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

To start optimization of blog or site, check your site score by SEO tools. The best way to use given tools for best results.

Free Tools To Test Your Website Speed - Site Speed Test

(A) Varvy.com - This site is very helpful for me to analyze my present status of site health and provided all point details of correction on my site. So, questions and solutions, both are available here. Your error correction guideline is given on this site. You can check site health by varvy.com page speed

The site will provide Server, Page, Resources complete details category wise. Now it is upon you for utilizing these techniques smoothly.

(B) Gtmetrix.com - Another very helpful site to analyze your site. You will get here the details of the error and can correct it smoothly with available tools. 

When I checked my site score on Gtmetrix.com, that was ‘D’ and ‘E’, after correction in the inputs, the score improved from ‘D’ to ‘B’ and ‘E’ to ‘B’. 

The load time of my site was near about 28.1 seconds and now it is 1.9-second average. 

This could be only possible due to the correction of error and follow up on the recommendation of Gtmetrix.

(C) Pingdom.com - This is a very good site to check the speed of the page. The recommendation of the amendment is given below of your site score. 

Go with this and correct it according to the given information. You will defiantly get good results to speed up page loading. 

Time will be reduced also. In starting time my page score was 60 to 65 and page load time was very high in Pingdom, Now performance grade is ‘B’ with score 85, load time is 1.37s and faster than 82% of the tested site. 

This is not best but good in all respect.

9 Unique Tips “How Do I Reduce Page Load Time?”     

After the complete analysis, I would like to recommend the below-given correction.

1. Fix your site 400 and 404 errors.

2. Minimize redirect pages count.

3. Minify all Javascript and CSS files.

4. Minify HTML, if required.

5. Enable Gzip compression.

6. Optimize images. (use JPG file for image and optimize size by the optimizer, the image size should not be more than 10KB if the image is perfect. Otherwise, you can choose as per your convenience. But you should avoid the large size of an image file).

7. Merge the number of JS and CSS links.

8. Prefer to modify the Synchronize link to Asynchronize link for faster load.

9. Avoid the framed images for the site.

These points correction helps to reduce load time. Now I share some important sites here to help to correct the above give points.

Use ‘refresh-sf.com’ to compress Javascript, CSS and HTML files in one click, ‘tools.dynamicdrive.com’ for image optimizer, ‘ofoct.com’ for the merger of JS file.

I have used these sites to end the error points.

Check Your Website’s SEO

Basically, I do not know about the SEO, its utilization, and benefits of the website. I used a site to know about the score. The results were very poor and that was demanding more correction and rectification on site. 

Page speed is necessary but SEO correction is also important to get organic traffic from search engines. So, I started to work on it. The basic points, which are important to get a high score is given below. 

This improvement drastically changes your site visibility in search engine and Google Analytic will give good results to page viewers.

(A) Meta Title should be placed correctly with the keyword.

(B) The meta description should be given with a keyword.

(C) Keyword placement on the page.

(D) H1 and H2 heading is necessary.

(E)  Robot.txt file and Sitemap should be placed properly.

(F)  No broken links

(G) Image Property should be filed with alt attribute text and add the caption.

(H) Google analytic, favicon and social media attachment will improve the score.

(I)  The site should be mobile friendly for users. The number of visitors uses a Smartphone to search the site. Every site owner should know that mobile optimization is important.

Website Speed Optimization 

Other important points are necessary is ‘Speed Optimization’. Google always prefer the page load speed, the first byte is very important, Crawling of full pages depends upon the page spend time. 

Google already provides tools for indexing by ‘Fetch And Render’ option in webmaster. But I think that this helps to avoid crawling. 

The best way is that the search engine automatically goes to website content and crawl the content and index that.

Here I explained all thinks, which I faced during the correction of error and make my site user and SEO friendly with high-speed loading. 

Here I would like to suggest that use the tools which are available in Google Search to short out the error part.

I think this article help to reduce page load time and will get a high score in SEO.