Best Most Effective Free Small SEO Tools Online For Blogger. The better way to understand the effective SEO function is that it is the best way to create blogger content to crawled by Search Engine smoothly. 

You can also use the facility to check the duplicate content by SEO tools plagiarism. So, you have to make your site Google friendly.

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Best Most Effective Free SEO Tools Online For Blogger 2020

The best way to follow-up the guidelines provided by Google authority. You will get the best most effective free SEO tools for bloggers, which are available online. 

Today, it is also available for another platform like youtube 'Youtube SEO Tools'.

So many best free SEO tools are available online as well as they provide the depth knowledge of 'What Are The SEO Tools'.

You can also arrange a circle group to buy SEO tools.

How Do I Improve My SEO Ranking? - In 2020

The best SEO based site saves the time of visitors and improves the potentiality of content. Speed to download from site try to sustain visitors with the site for his content, they do not move to another site. 

So, you have to completely check the site strength, remove error pages, use of JavaScript, hosting, and minimum redirection. 

Keyword research and best content development is another part, which helps to improve ranking and traffic on site. This is the best way to improve the SEO ranking of a site in a very short span of time.

Optimization of site advice available with Search Console, Webmaster center blog, and discussion forum for free.

Here I would like to said that you can check below given details through Best Free SEO Tools and rectify with guidelines.

SEO Checklist Points 


1.  Create a unique and accurate page title.

2.  Accurately describe the page content.

3.  Create unique title tags for each page.

4.  Meta Tag description - Google might use as snippets for your page.

5.  Provide a unique description for each page.

6.  Use the necessary keywords in the description part.

7.  Creating a Google-friendly URL

8.  Check homepage navigation and confirm that is working properly

9.  Fix 404 error page

10. Optimize the use of images

11. Make effective use of robot.txt file

12. Make your site mobile friendly

13. Create search engine friendly Site-map and add to your site.

Actually, these points are the baseline for rectification to get the highest score in the search engine. Every search engine tools have some fixed criteria and it is not possible to fix all those issues in one shot. 

You have to analyze that which tool is effective and help to reduce error to get a higher score on an average. If your site scores more than 80%, that is great. You can check the SEO percentage of

Webpage Analysis Tools - Best SEO Audit Tool 

Now below are given some good and authentic Free SEO Checker Tools Online for the blogger to analyze the percentage.

1. SEO SiteCheckup - This is a very good tool for analysis of the site. These tools check the major part of your site, which is very relevant to determine to rank in the search engine list. 

As you know that more than 200 ranking factors are working with Google Search Engine. So, they will be concluded and minimize with the basic requirement of rectifications.   

These rectifications provide substantial and important information on search engines, about the topic and niche of your site to improve the credibility of content and visibility by backlinks.  

The basic work of these tools to report any problems or technical issues of your site that are creating problems to rank the headlines in search engine ranking. 

Due to new changes in Google SEO, Page Speed is another factor of ranking in the modern digital marketing world. 

They update according to the changes in Google algorithms like - Google Panda, Google Penguin, and Google Hummingbird. 

The article page of site share update about the SEO changes for blogger.

2. Webphantoms - This is another device to analyze your site SEO health status. My site has scored 85%. This is a good score. Some parts of the analysis are not capturing the tools. 

So, the score may below. But you have to make your site SEO friendly by given output. 

This will check URL, Speed of Site, Title tag, Description Tag, Image analysis, Heading Tag, Social and Mobile friendly details, and Domain analysis.

They also provide SEO booster, Social media marketing, and email marketing program for bloggers.

3. SEO Analyzer Of Neilpatel - This site will provide you with a good analysis report. Basically, the site owner is a renowned blogger and they know perfectly, which part of the site is important to rectify. His analysis is totally based on SEO tips. 

They assure that if you want more and more organic traffic from the search engine then you will be corrected SEO error of a site.

The best part of this analyzer tool is that you can use it several times without agitation. They did not set any limits on searching. So, check your website’s SEO: free analysis tool - Neil Patel.

4. SEO Optimizer - Analyzer is typical. They set grading like A B C C+ etc. But it is good to provide output to optimize the site. They will check SEO, Usability, Performance, Security, Social Page Connection, etc.

They are providing separate tools to generate Meta Tag, Keyword, Ping Tester, Broken link checker, Sitemap generator and URL shortening to help of blogger.   

5. Website Grader - This website is supported by Hubspot and the main focus to analyze the site based on Performance, mobile, SEO, and security. 

This is not going in-depth analysis. First, you check your site, you will fill some points are missing from checking.

6. Nibbler - A unique and detailed analysis output provide by Nibbler. This will raise some additional errors on the site. 

Its SEO analysis tester is based on W3 compliant with other details. 

This is fruitful to you to get some unique amendment tips by Nibbler. Take the test of these tools.

7. Dareboost - The basic points raised that improving web performance is not so easy. They provide such types of tools, which test, analysis, and monitor the speed of the page together and will give important output to rectify or improve accordingly your site. 

They are using 100+ checkpoints with 11 test locations.

8. Woorank - You can use it for free to know about the SEO error. This is a good resource for you, to know about the loopholes in the site, which are affecting rank in search engines. 

This is one of the best tools to provide great output. You can get 14 days free trial for depth analysis and support of team members for the rectification of the site.

It is very tough to score 90+ by this site analysis tools.

These tools are relevant and collected for you the best 8 tools to maximize the site score more than average and helpful for Google ranking.

The basic tips are that, try to rectify all points, which are different and unique from other test tools. Sure you will achieve your goal.