How long Should A Blog Content Be Actually? This is a good question for a blogger to know ‘how long should a blog content be, actually. You can not analyze online content. 

The point of view is that the blog is your personal platform to express your views ideas there. 

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How long Should A Blog Content Be, Actually

It can not be possible that you will use those matters in your post that is actually not happened. 

How Long Is A Typical Blog Post? - Ideal Blog Post

So, many bloggers extended the length of blog content to get the rank in Google Search Engine & SEO friendly.

They try to expand the content in the 1000 word minimum, but they serve the sentence only for the long length of the blog post.

1000 words blog posts should be written like a book. You know that millions of books are available in the market, but the reader chooses those, which are famous.

If the story of the book is interesting, a reader will not restrict spending time, they continue the reading because the story writer serves the content in an interesting way.

So, share your points of view in the blog post, you will see that a long words blog post will be created.

How Long Should A Blog Post Be For Blogger 

You write the online content for your reader, not for the Google search engine. Your reader visits on-site to find the solution from your content. 

He has limited and precious time which they spend on your blog. 

A very long content raises irritation. Next time they will visit other sites for the solution. You lose your reader.

Your blog post should be based on content facts. Every sentence should be knowledge-based. 

The quality of ideal online blog content is important instead of the length of the blog post. Your content language should be simple and ethically right.

Google search engine gives importance to that content which is providing the solution incomplete way. 

A point-wise description is the sole of the blog post. The search engine ranks the content on the basis of quality, description, analysis and ethically right.

The precise and valuable content always appreciated by the reader. So, many bloggers write the content in 500 to 600 words, extend to 1000 words maximum. But the traffic on his site increased day by day. 

Did you visit on the blog of Amit Agarwal, the blog content length is a maximum of 600 words but the blog is very reliable and visitors' faith in this. The blog name is

To increase the traffic on the post is depending on the visitor's satisfaction. A solution provider blog always adds the new reader. 

Another point you take care to publish the ideal online blog post frequently as well as serve new and valuable content among the readers. This will reflect the positive sign of the blog. The reader will frequently search for your blog to read the new content.

Improve Reading Retention 

8 The best ways to improve reader engagement.

A) Start internal link building

B) Serve content with the complete solution

C) Tag other sites as an example   

D) Reduce page loading time, Maximum time should be less than 3 seconds.

E) Carefully set the heading with keyword

F) Add graphics to content for more clarity

G) Work on feedback, if reader left for you

H) Reply every query of your reader through the mail

The best judgment point for you to analyze the maximum time spends by the reader on your blog and what is the length of the blog. You will get some decent data.

So, many other things you can adapt to confirm the revisit of the reader on your site. These are some tips, which you can adapt to increase and retain your reader in an ideal and ethical online short article. 

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