Should I buy a domain for my blog or use the free domain. Generally, you confuse to continue blogging with a free domain or purchase the new one to giving the professional look to the blog. Basically, the free domain provides the company to start and promote the blogger. 

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Should I Buy A Domain For My Blog Or Use Free Domain

Should I Buy A Domain For My Blog Or Use The Free Domain

If you spent money and could not be learned the concept of blogging and handled the dashboard, you will be frustrated and maybe leave the blogging.

It is very difficult to answer the question that a should blogger buy a domain for a blog or use a free custom domain. If they purchase the domain, then how they add in the blogger blog and change the name of the domain.

I suggest buying the domain from Godaddy or Cloudflare. Also, focus on the setup of the blogger custom domain with www or without www carefully.

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Best Domain For Blog 

Google blogger provides a “” domain and “” by WordPress. You can start to learn the basic and technical knowledge of blogging on both the platform is free of cost.

What are the positive and negative points, if using the free domain?    

If you use ‘’ free domain with your blog, this is the large platform to learn the technicality of using the dashboard. You will not be paid a single paisa to start your blog.

Blogger provides the same facility in the free account as provided with self-hosted and purchase the domain. Wordpress changes the tools if transfer the free domain to a self-hosted blog and domain.

The negative part of the blogger is big. When you post the content to crawl by the search engine. They index the post. But it has been observed that after sometimes post disappear from the search engine. 

That means you are engaged to write the best blog post, but that is not plying the role to increase the traffic on site due to disappearance after a certain time. 

This is tested by the writer. This is the biggest negative part for those bloggers, who are using the free domain.

You can not control to index the post in the search engine. You will be continued to watch the existence of a blog post in the free domain. 

Another problem you will face to enhance traffic on-site, visitors do not get the feel of professionalism with free domain blogs. 

They feel that the owner of the blog is just spending time for enjoyment.

These reasons are big for a professional blogger. If you are serious about blogging then go with the top domain like - .com, .in, .org..

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Benefit Of Buy Domain

Your blog acknowledged by the world. You have to purchase the domain for the blog. The best domain is .com, .in, .org etc. Choose the best and pay small money.

The best benefit will add that Google and Other search engines will give the importance of your professionalism. They will not delete the single post from the search engine. 

This will help you to increase the credibility of blog posts worldwide and can increase traffic on site.  

You will get another benefit to submit the URL of the blog post in the webmaster for search engine crawling. 

Some webmaster does not provide this facility to free domain using blogger for direct submission of the link in webmaster to index the post in the search engine like - Bing, Yandex.

Proper tracking of content will be easy for the blogger and increase the number of clicks if the blog runs with the top domain.

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Final Conclusion 

Basically, these are the difference between free and purchase the domain. The number of benefits adds to the user in the webmaster and search engine. 

Top advertisement companies only offer to earn money online, which blog has adopted a professional domain. So, choose the top domain for blog and goodbye to the free domain today.

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