Top Free Keyword Research Tools To Rank Your Blog Post. As you know that keyword research tool is helpful to rank your blog post in the search engine. 

This is not an easy task for the blogger. The best keyword research tool reduces the extra effort to get the organic traffic on site.

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Top Free Keyword Research Tools To Rank Your Blog Post

If you are a serious blogger and started blogging then you should be known about the role and effectiveness of the keyword. When you write a post then you should select the perfect keywords according to the post content as well as follow the rules of On-Page SEO.

Best Keyword Research Tools For Your Blog Post

You will get the number of sites on the Internet, which are providing tools for keywords research to help to rank blog posts. So many sites are providing this facility on nominal fees amount, but the Google keyword planner tool is free for all. The users are using frequently this keyword tool for his YouTube channel too.  

But a large number of bloggers choose the best free keyword research tool in 2019 as a blog user. The main reason is the amount of the high fee charged by reputed companies and that is not possible to pay a new blogger. They use the free keyword spy tool to find the best keyword research.

That is the main reason I have selected some free keyword research tools for you. Here you may know the range, competition, average monthly search, page bid, and others. These are the points which are the main source to rank your post.

I am also using these tools for research.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool 

1. Google Keyword Planner

2. KW Finder

3. Google Trends

4. Keyword Neil Patel (Ubersuggest)

5. Keyword Tool

6. Keyword Explorer (SEO Tester Online)

How To Use Google Keyword Planner

(A) Google Adwords: Keyword Planner

There are the free tools provided by the Google in Adword section. Originally, that helps to know the exact low competition keyword for Ads, but blogger uses these keywords to search the efficiency.

First of all, you will be sign-in by your G-mail account. So, first, go on Google Ad-words site and Sign in or Sign up. After sign-in, the main page will be opened.

Now go on tools option and opt keyword Planner. You will find the search option, just place keyword there and press the ‘Get Started’ button. 

The whole features will come out. Next to select the exact keyword as per your blog post and then try to use it in title and post too before publishing the content.

(B) KwFinder

This is another good tool for the blogger for keyword research. To use these tools, register or sign-in. This is the best alternative for Google Ad-words. You can know about the keyword SEO difficulty, Search Volume, CPC, PPC, Trends, Monthly search volume, Interest over time.

Everything they will clarify by the graph. The best option is ‘Interest Over Time’ because when you click on this key, a graph will be appeared on the screen and provide the present interest level of the keyword.

You will be focused to select those keywords which difficulty is low because that will be helpful to rank the post. You can use five keywords in the free version. This is one of the best tools available on the Internet for free.

(C ) Google Trends

Google trends are the other simplest tools provide by Google to use the blogger to know about the present trends of keywords. Here you can compare the keywords trends. They provide the option to select the country, past 12-month trends, category, web search to opt the right keyword.

The other best thing you can know which date was chosen by the user to search the keyword. For example, the keyword is ‘Blogger’ used 36 times on 15 July, which means the user Searched this keyword maximum times on 15 July.

(D ) Keyword Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the topmost bloggers. They provided a tool to check the SEO, keyword suggestion, A/B Testing. Keyword suggestion is one of the best tools to explain everything, which is relevant for website ranking.

Generally, the top blogger uses the paid tools, but when I checked this, I was satisfied with the data. They mention the data regarding PPC or SEO, Volume, CPC in free of cost. There is no limitation to use the tools for keyword research.

The number of bloggers prefers to use ‘Long Tail Phrases’ and suggested the same. Neil Patel's tools provide hundred of suggestions for free. Its filter system provides the right keywords for your personal and business blog.

Keyword difficulty and competitive intelligence data help you determine if it is worth targeting a specific keyword.

(E) Keyword Tool

This is another best alternative to Google Planner. The focus to generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword research for every search term, reliability percentage is 99.99%. You should not be created an account to search the keyword on this unique platform.

This platform uses ‘Google Autocomplete’ to generate long-tail keywords for the topic. Overall this is the best option to find the relevant keywords for content marketing, blogging or SEO.

(F) Keyword Explorer (SEO Tester Online)

This is the online keyword research tools for the webpage. They provide the knowledge to Compare the Words, Study Of Competitors, Choose the Perfect Keyword, Find New Idea For Your Content.

The good suggestion gives to analyze the customer demand and what their intent is online. You have to put the keyword, select the country and press the enter button for full details.

Finally, I would like to say that you can find the exact key and frequency by the above-given keyword research tool is free and rank your blog post easily to get the high traffic on the website

The best way to place the main keyword in the title and blog post to understand the Google Search Engine about the content main theme.

Another point I would like to share with you that please choose long-tail keywords for the post because the number of top bloggers preferred this to rank the post in Search Engine. Please check the volume and frequency before using these keywords.

Placement of title key in blog post added an extra advantage in the ranking. Low keyword competition with high CPC and frequency is good as an SEO.

The best topic I have chosen for you. when I started my blog, I did not use Keyword Planner, rectify SEO issues, focus to choose low competition keyword for the blog post and suffered for traffic generation.

That was the main reason, I collected information about Top Free Keyword Research Tools To Rank Your Blog Post and served in front of you to rank posts in the search engine.

Share your comment and suggestion in the below-given box to improve the content.

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