Points Which Is Important In Google Search Console Tutorial For Beginner Blogger. Today I would like to share some important points on the “Google Search Console” for beginner bloggers in a tutorial form. The content of this post is the knowledge, which I learned during writing the post. 

Google Search Console Tutorial 

This is the search engine optimization tools. Which is very beneficial to make your site valuable in the eye of search engines. 

This tutorial provides the least to know more about Google Search Console & changing in rules & working style from old to new in 2018 to 2019. You will learn how to use Google Search Console & can get the certification.

If you are new to know about the best guidelines to the Google search console, I would like to provide the important knowledge about search console or if you know about that then I will try to share some decent knowledge of Search Console. 

The maximum knowledge will be helpful to rank your site in search engines. So, read very carefully the guidelines. 

google, search, console, tutorial, blogger
Google Search Console Tutorial For Beginner Blogger

Here I will share the starting technique of Google Search Console. The optimization technique to get perfect SEO and that these are also helpful to get the organic traffic on site as well as that will improve the search ranking.

How To Add Your Site To Google Search Console? 

This is the most important guideline. This is the first way to submit the site in the Google Search Console.

Login to Google Search Console, and press the Add property button. Now you will paste the homepage URL in “Add a Property Section”. After all this process, you have to choose the best option to verify your site. 

They provide 7 options for instant verification. Choose one of them.

google search console, tutorial, blogger
Google Search Console Tutorial For Beginner Blogger

How To Set Preferred Domain In Google Search Console?

When you verified your site then go for “Preferred Domain” and choose one of the options for starting the URL, which is www or non-www version. Here you should check that which version is beneficial for the site and familiar for users.  

For example, you can choose - https://www.todayfirstevent.com or

This is important to decide which is relevant for your site because this link will reflect or define the link path of your site in search engines. 

Here you will see another option that is “Don’t Set A Preferred Domain”, but I will suggest you don’t choose this option because as per google policy they treat as a two separate URL and that is not for the good SEO. Second, this type of activity weak the power of your backlinks.

Geographic Target in Search Console for International Websites

This option depends on the content of your blog post. Means, if your content is very familiar with the USA and other countries then you should choose according to the visitor's flow. 

The best option is to choose that country, where the blog presence is more. Google wants some information regarding this - like

1. Your ccTLD

2. Your server location

3. The address as given on the website

4. What language you are using in website content

So, go to Google Webmaster and click on the international targeting option and select your preferred country.

google search console, tutorial, blogger
Google Search Console Tutorial For Beginner Blogger

How Do I Add Webmaster Tools To Google Analytics?

Recently Google has changed the policy and announced that the HTTP request is not secure and Google will not be responsible for any fraudulent activity. 

They announced to convert the HTTP from HTTPS for extra precaution. They are taking these steps for security reasons.

Simple Way To Get Some Keyword Data

To get the keyword, you have to open up your google analytics account. Now go with the Admin button. Press on ‘property setting’. Scroll to see the Adjust Search Console button. 

Then click on “Add” and press the save button. Now analytic and search console linked with each other.

You should go with landing page option to see the ‘impression’, ‘click data’, ‘CTR’, ‘position data by country’. The queries option will show the ‘Keyword’ data.

This is a very good option for you to know everything off the site, which is useful to rank the site in search engines. This property is useful for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines.

Submit Your Sitemap To Search Engines

Sitemap submission is a very important part of the Google Search Console. Sitemap submission helps to identify the website and provide substantial information on the right path of the post URL. 

The search engine judges the used keywords and content of posts, backlinks, and rank accordingly. If your site is small then sitemap submission is not required but this is the key tool for the bigger site. I recommended for the submission of the sitemap.

I analyze that after the submission of a sitemap, the crawling works very fast to index your blog post in the search engine. I left 2 to 3 days of my published post, but the search engine did not index. 

When I generated the XML sitemap and submitted it in the new Google Search Console, I was surprised the post has been indexed after 2 to 3 hours. So don’t forget the sitemap submission. Search the best sitemap generator to prepare the XML and HTML sitemap. An HTML sitemap is helpful to prepare the site searchable page. 

Overall you will be known about the importance of Google Search Console for the website. The best way to follow the guidelines, rules, and regulations of the google search console.

Follow the rules from the first post, because you will not be able to get spare time in the future to correct these errors.

A large number of the blog post is always better to attract good numbers of people on your site. So, create an informative and helpful post for visitors. Share your views in the comment box about the post "Best Guidelines To The Google Search Console"