It is a big question that what is phishing definition and how to patronize (save) the website ethically. Web phishing meaning is forcefully taking over the control of a website. Basically, that does by the expert web hackers. 

Another question is on the type of phishing and how to prevent phishing. How does phishing work? How to impact phishing on emails and sites. You can search the top 10 phishing websites to know more about that on Google, here served short but descriptive information for you.   

A phishing hacker cracks the password and then changing it. The owner of the website loses control and phisher share the information, which they want to put on the website.

The password cracking attacks are the most common. They also attack Gmail login or other mailing platforms & after hacking, it is very difficult for users to the recovery of Google password. Then the user makes another Gmail login account for them.

This is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as user names, passwords, and credit card details. This all thinks to happen electronically.

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What Is Phishing Definition And How To Patronize The Website

Types Of Phishing Attacks

1) The dictionary attack is where the software will attempt all the words contained in a predefined dictionary of words.

2) The second attack is to use the brute force, where the software tries to guess the password by trying all possible combinations of numbers. Phishers use this method until they get the correct password.


As the reported incident in America (USA). A child, who is running a hobby website and he received a phishing email that a group of hackers has gained control over his website. Hackers demanded a huge ransom in the dollar. 

The owner of the website did not take it seriously and ignored the phishing mail. After three days, they received the number of telephone calls from all over the country. 

When he checked his website, a message is flashing on the screen that ‘how to have replaced the word goldfish’. The message insists the owner plays a particular game and injured during playing.

That means the main motive to hack the website by phishers is to serve the material as they want. The large database website also takes protection like - Facebook.  

How To Prevent Phishing

The best way to prevent (Patronize) a website by phishing are -

Don’t open the suspicious e-mail. Always update your website with the latest updating tools. Activate and renew the anti-virus protection software on the due date. As you know that all search engines like - Google, Bing, Yandex are taking care to save the website from attacks. 

They track the suspicious activity on the website and take precautionary measures against that in advance. No users aware of the word hacking, phishing, jacking, but today large number of users are familiar with this. 

Sometimes you open that mail, which is providing lucrative offers through the message, At that time you should check the authenticity of mail and details of the sender. 

It may be possible that hacker misuses your information during communication. So, be conscious and avoid this type of email. 

Don’t share any information, which is suspicious and your census does not allow. Always log out your system and mail after completing the work on the system and don’t share the passwords with others. 

The password should be very strong, that means your mail and system password should be the mixture of numeric, alphabet and numbers. The strong password will be very helpful to protect from phishers.

These are the facts which “prevent or patronize the website from phishing”. If the content is useful then share it. Reference is taken from a reputed book to share the authentic information to the reader.