As you know that so many apps are available on Play Store, but one of the platforms is playing a big role to provide the platform to a person, who wants to share personal performance online with others. This is the best platform for the new creator.   

So many new actors, dancers, and performers are making amazing videos on TikTok. People like the TikTok user video and press the like and Whats-app button to sharing the content instantly among the followers.  

tiktok, female, follow, entertaining
5 Female TikTokers To Follow For Entertaining & Binge-Worthy Content

This platform has given the number of stars to film industry & so many are very much popular at this time. The number of users is getting popularity and got millions of fans.

Actually, TikTok user has connected the people of a remote area with another part of the country and interacted with them.

1. Jannat Zubair - She is an 18-year-old lady and started the carrier as a TV child artist. Her carrier was started in 2009. She was famous by the colors channel serial ‘Phulwa’ in 2011. 

The next act she has played the role of Phool Kanwar in Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap. She has 20 million fans on TikTok !.Jannat Zubair

Jannat Zubair, phulwa, tiktok, entertainment
Jannat Zubair On TikTok

2. Radhika Bangia - She is a very renowned Indian actress, Youtuber. She is continuously working on so many platforms. 

She started her carrier by the Bollywood movie Irada in 2017 and worked like talented and a hardworking actress.  

She is posting the relevant content on the TikTok platform. Some times that is funny or ironic. People and followers wait for the new video every day. Radhika Bangia

Radhika Bangia, Tiktok, entertainment, female
Radhika Bangia On TikTok

3. Avneet Kaur - Avaneet Kaur is starting to play the role since childhood and she got the name and fem from the famous TV serial Alladin. 

Her career takeoff on TV screens, when she was a child. She was 18 years old. Today the follower's count has been crossed 20 million on her TikTok.  

Avaneet Kaur, entertainment, tv, tiktok
Avneet Kaur On TikTok

4. Aashika Bhatia - Aashika has also famous on the TikTok platform in a very short span of time. She has promoted confidence and she motivates and encourages the new one for TikTok.

Aashika bhatia, tiktok, entertainment, star
Aashika Bhatia TikTok Star

5. Shriya Jain - She is very good at singing and she is famous on TikTok for the coolest and versatile singers. She uses TikTok to share her talent among the people and received great applaud from the audience. 

shriya jain, tiktok, entertainment. female
Shriya Jain On TikTok 

The content she served to the people is amazing and entertaining. Peoples like that content and follow to Shriya Jain.  

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