WhatsApp is the tool, which is very popular among users. Today the maximum number of people is using this. The main reason for this app is, it is very simple and user-friendly. 

The Whatsapp message sending process is cool and a big file or photo adds with the text within a second, if the internet speed is up to the mark.

How Do You Check WhatsApp Messages (Right Or Wrong)?

Anyone who has a smartphone and phone number then they are entitled to connect the other through this app. No extra effort is required for friendships.

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How To Identify & Examine Genuineness Of Whatsapp Messages?

Today people are misusing this app for his benefit and entertainment. They spread the wrong messages in the group and try to create a rumor. They cannot be able to understand the WhatsApp message.

To stop this type of message, Facebook-based instant messaging service whats app took the precautionary measures.

Now you can not forward a message more than 5 times. A Delhi based institution is preparing an app, which will be caught the wrong messages instantly. 

A computer science professor from IIT Delhi is playing a role to make the device, which will easily track the wrong message and will find the right sources.

This team assured that this will be very useful to control the worst situation, which creates by the users on the wrong messages. 

According to the resource, this team is collecting data. They advise the people to forward the message on a particular number. After that, they will prepare a model to stop the wrong messages.

For example, they will use the color code to identify the right message. A first message will get the green color and will confirm the authenticity of the news. 

Yellow color indicates that the system could not be decoded and red will confirm the ingenuity of news.

This team is working on this issue and hope they will get success in the coming days. 

Today everyone knows that what the wrong process adopted by some people to damage the others on fake news. This is very horrible for a civilized society. 

So, it is our responsibility to stop this. Share your views in the comment box.