Recently Priyanka Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas visited India to celebrate the Holi festival. They arrived at the Mumbai airport. 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas always raises her voice on the education of girl and motivate the people to participate in the social activity for the positive growth of society.

priyanka chopra, namaste, corona, outbreak
Priyanka Chopra Vouches For The 'Namaste' In Times Of The Corona Outbreak

She represented India on an international level and shared every shareable information. Priyanka Chopra recently came forward and address the coronavirus outbreak on her social media account. That is Instagram.

She has posted a video. She uses the Indian culture trademark ‘Namaste’ on the occasion of Grammy Award function. 

This function was celebrated on the International platform. She also quotes that ‘It’s all about the Namaste’ and explains that this is another safest way to great people without hesitation and safe himself from Coronavirus infection.  

PC has suggested a very innovative way to respect the people simply. The coronavirus is spreading very fast and captured so many countries in a very short span of time. 

priyanka chopra, vouches, namaste, corona, outbreak, twitter
Priyanka Chopra Twitted For The 'Namaste' In Times Of The Corona 

No vaccine is available to date, so only precaution measures will protect you.

So avoid the handshake and meet the people from distance. A piece of news flashed that Prince Charles is also using our traditional method ‘Namaste’ when they meet the people.