Today the new generation is very busy in life and they have no time for the first love. We think you have to imagine your girlfriend. But I would like to say that she is not your first love.

Your first love is your parents. Everyone forgets this fact today and runs very fast to achieve something, to store something, to defeat someone. These are the way the new generation is adopting to survive in life.

love, dearness, feeling, first love
Do You Always Have Feelings & Dearness For First Love?

But meanwhile, they lost the love of parents, they do not spend the time with parents and leave them alone. This is not the right way of living life. So, change your lifestyle and share your love with your parents. You will be received a great feeling.

We have shared some decent picture & We think don’t need any explanation to understand.

1. People want to help you but actually, they don’t - So many people are in the world and they speak to help the others but actually, they do not want to do this.

people, dearness, feeling, first love, love
People want to help you but actually, they don't

2. Poverty - This is playing a major role to create the difference between son and parents. Everyone run to earn money in the present time and unable to spend quality time with parents. Kid's life affected by the poverty they spent time earning money.

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Poverty Makes The Child Unstable

3. Why mothers are the best - Mother loves the child and she understands the feelings of children. She ready to save the children every moment and this is true love.

feeling, dearness, first love, love
Why Mother Are The Best?

4. Stop using plastic - Plastic is reducing the fertility of the earth. Indian people respect the earth as a mother. Plastic restricts the absorption power of the sole and that impacts the growth of the plant. We should restrict to use the plastic if we love our motherland.

feeling, first love, love, plastic
Stop Using Plastic

5. Your child needs your time - You are the first love of your child. Today it is very common that nobody has time to play and talk with children. They use the playschool and other tools for the enjoyment of children. But that is not the right way, because that reduces the feelings of a relationship.

feeling, love, first love, time
Your Child Needs Your Time

These 5 points help you to find out your first love. So be careful and take care of your dearest as well as the nearest.

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