Today the world is celebrating World Asthma Day. Asthma weakens the human body, the person suffering from this has to face many physical and mental troubles. This weakens the immune system of the person or patient and the patient is at risk of infection. 

A person suffering from this disease has to be vigilant and keep in mind whether it is right for their health and what they should take or avoid.

Today the country is going through a lockdown and is fighting a disease like a coronavirus. Today's asthma patient needs a lot of caution. Because Corona attacks our weak immune system, it is important that we take care of some things to strengthen our immune system.

Asthma On The Rise: These 5+ Things Should Not Be Eaten
Asthma On The Rise: These 5+ Things Should Not Be Eaten

Patients of asthma are all over the world and in order to spread awareness and keep themselves healthy, the Month of May is celebrated as World Asthma Day and people are warned not to take this disease lightly and what they should take measures to protect them from it.

In order to provide protection to the asthma patient, attention has to be paid to their diet and follow the diet recommended by the doctor. The patient of Asthma can be protected from allergies and avoiding the dangers of them.

Asthma On The Rise: These 5+ Things Should Not Be Eaten
Asthma On The Rise & Triggers Point 

They Should Be Avoided With These Five Food Items 

Artificial sweetener - Asthma patients should avoid the intake of artificial substances. The American Institute (AAFA) should protect asthma patients by using an artificially prepared sweetener. 

Artificial sweetener promotes allergies and can increase their discomfort. It is present in soda and juice and comes under preservative food.

Processed food - Many artificial and preservative foods are available in the market which is harmful to asthma patients. These foods should not be used. They contain too many calories, which can cause problems in the lungs. Asthma patients should also separate themselves from packed and deep-fried food.

Vegetable Oil - Vegetable oil also increases the number of toxic particles in the oil in cooking for a long time and can cause inflammation and irritation in the body of the patient. Therefore, used cooking oil at a very high temperature should be avoided. Preservatives present in them can also harm the patient.

Fried foods - Fried foods can also be harmful to asthma patients. Therefore, it should be avoided to eat more fried foods as well as more salt.

Products made from milk - Even stuff made from milk can cause trouble to the asthma patient. By eating these products, the percentage of mucus in their lungs can be high and there is a possibility of their problem getting increased. 

So they should avoid milk and ice cream. The patient of these diseases is advised to eat Greek yogurt.

Friends, I have collected this information from a news publishing portal (Aaj Tak) and am sending it to you through my post. In the end, I urge you to prioritize your doctor's advice and before taking any food items into your diet, please consult and follow your doctor's advice. 

By knowing and avoiding, you can fight this disease easily.

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