So many distractions are in the world, a poet can express sadness through his quotes in English or Hindi. It is very rare to see that people are very much in pain for others they want to destroy the importance of stability of life and earth.

So we shared some sad quotes about the pain, short quotes for him, decent short sad quotes, sad quotes about life in Hindi & English.

Kuch To Is Dharti Par Kewal | कुछ तो इस धरती पर केवल
Short Sad Quotes About Life

Quotes In Hindi

कुछ तो इस धरती पर केवल
खून बहाने को आते हैं,
आग बिछाते हैं राहो पे
खुद भी फिर जल जाते हैं !

Quotes In English

Kuch To Is Dharti Par Kewal

Khun Bhane Ko Aate Hain,

Aag Bichate Hain Raho Pay

Khud Bhi Phir Jal Jate Hain !

Quotes In Urdu

کچھ تو اس راستے پر

بھون نے کہا ،

آگ بچھ بھی رہو پی

پھر بھی پانی کی باتیں!

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