Every people are filling that objective and priority has been changed in the human being. They are trying to move to establishing the differences between human and monster.

They do not try to understand the value of human feelings. But these steps are not very good for the future of any country. Because that will expand the anxiety and greediness among the people.

We have shared some feelings in the below given line about the Sadness of human being by sad quotes about pain, short sad quotes, sad quotes for him, sad quotes about love and pain, quotes about life and quotes are available in Urdu and Hindi.

Manav Aur Danav Me U To | मानव और दानव में यु तो
Manav Aur Danav Me U To | मानव और दानव में यु तो

Sad Quotes In Hindi

मानव और दानव में यु तो
भेद नजर नहीं आएगा,
एक पोछता बहता आंसू
जी भर एक रुलाएगा !

Sad Quotes In English

Manav Aur Danav Me U To

Bhed Najar Nahi Aayega

Ek Pochata Bahata Aansu

Ji Bhar Ek Rulayega !

Sad Quotes In Urdu

انسان اور ڈینیو یو یو

بھیڑ نگاہیں نہیں آئیں ،

ایک پوچھتا بہتا آسوو

جی بھر ایک روالیگا!

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