Life is beautiful and so many thoughts and inspirational work is continuing in the world. Sadness is the poison for life and human should avoid continuing with this. So they should always keep smiling face and try to move forward and should inspire others.

We have shared some short inspirational quotes, inspirational quotes about life, inspirational quotes for work, and quotes for students, kids.

Mantra Naash Ka Padha Kare Kuch | मंत्र नाश का पढ़ा करे कुछ
Inspirational Quotes About Life, Work & Students

इंस्पिरेशनल कोट्स

मंत्र नाश का पढ़ा करे कुछ
हर घर के द्वार पे जाके,
फूल खिलाने वाले रहते
घर घर फूल खिला के !

Inspirational Quotes

Mantra Naash Ka Padha Kare Kuch

Ghar Ghar Ke Dwar Pe Jake,

Ful Khilane Wale Rahte

Ghar Ghar Phul Khila Ke !

انسپیرنشنل کوٹس

کچھ نہیں پڑھیں

ہر گھر کا دوسرا پی جاک ،

پھولوں والے

گھر گھر پھول کھلاڑی!

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