Today everyone is aware that life is so difficult. We have to share some short inspirational quotes about life and struggles. These quotes are playing a vital role to smooth the work in your life and reduce the tension.  

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Tinka Tinka Lekar Panchi | तिनका तिनका लेकर पंछी
Inspirational Quotes About Life

Quote In Hindi

तिनका तिनका लेकर पंछी
रचते हैं आवास नया
इस प्रकार से रच जाता है
सृजन का आकाश नया !

Quote In English

Tinka Tinka Lekar Panchi

Rachte Hain Aawas Naya

Is Prakar Se Rach Jata Hai

Srijan Ka Aakash Naya !

Quote In Urdu

ہم نے کہا

رچتے رہائش نئی

اس طرح سے رہتے ہیں

تخلیجن کا نیا دن!

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