Every time Indian soldiers are facing the causality in war. They lost his life, we pray for him, but the situation does not change on the tussle point. Now again china's army has provoked the Indian army on the Ladakh border.

Our Indian army has taken the action against the infiltration of china army. This is the work of the army, which they have done with good effort.

#teachlessontochina: How It Can Be Possible For Us?
#teachlessontochina: How It Can Be Possible For Us?

What is our responsibility to ‘TeachLessonToChina’ for this activity? The best way to go with the slogan ‘Atam Nirbhar Bharat’. 

Indian people should enjoy the local product and they should motivate our local manufacturers.

It is also necessary for the present time to give assurance to the local manufacturers that they will get the opportunity to sell the product internationally. 

If they fail to get a positive response from the overseas market, the Indian public will support them and help to provide a good market for them at the local level.   

Second, the Indian government should finalize all conflict of the border in Single level meetings like border disputes of Bangladesh.

These steps will help to give the strict message ‘TeachLessonToChina’.