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Teacher's Day Essay, Quotes, Massages, Story (Photo)

Every day of the Indian people comes with new zeal and good things. Teachers day is one of the best ways to improve the understanding between student and teacher. Children write essay, quotes, story and send heartful messages by SMS to the teachers.  

Teacher’s day is special days for student and an appreciation of teachers. The basic reason is to celebrate this day in school and college to appreciate the social responsibility contribution of Teachers. Schools arrange essay competition on this occasion.  
We celebrate this day on 5 September on the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Radhakrishnan has set the milestone in the field of education.
So many educational articles published by print media channels to spread the quotes, which was given by Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.
That helps the student to know about the importance of education.
The relationship between teacher and student play the vital role to get the more efficient result in the field of education.
Several motivation…

Diwali Festival: History, Story, Significance, Quotes, SMS

People light lamps when site come back to Ayodhya with Rama after a long time. The people of Ayodhya celebrate this occasion as Diwali. They enlighten and clean the house. This is the biggest festival of Hindu religion.  

Diwali is biggest Hindu festival of Indian people and everyone celebrate this occasion with happiness. Now share history, story, and significance of this celebration. SMS and Quotes are also very famous among the people.
Indians celebrate this festival in the month of Kartik (Night). That day is Amavasya. Hindu family clean his house and decorate their home with flowers and lights. They prepare Laxmi and Ganesh Puja in evening after enlightening house from Diya.
The puja starts in Pradosh Kaal. Celebrate this by exchanges of gift, fireworks and dry fruits. They purchase new clothes for his family and illuminated houses with diya lights and electric Jhalar bulb. Send the message to friends, colleagues and family members. 
They contain Diwali Quotes, SMS and Greetings Card…

Bigg Boss Finalist Shared Comments And Experiences

Bigg Boss started on color channels. Now the day is coming to get the decision of finalist. All are performed well in this season. After 15 days of excitement, drama, and controversy, finalist gets emotional. 
They know that the final day has come and after the decision, they will be separated from each other. 

This is the interesting and nice journey for the participant.
You can see some nice performance of participant on the day of judgment. Shilpa Shinde performs the Naagin dance with Sapera.
Very disappointed with Vikas and Shilpa today aftr the task. After their strategies of pushing Hina to lose, they kept ranting and complaining the whole time. Used to really like them, but today was JUST not right. Happy with Puneesh’s sane statements and stand and Hina. #BB11 — Munmun Dutta (@moonstar4u) January 12, 2018
Thank u @TheGautamGulati For support to @shindeshilpas#BiggBoss11 Ek winner dusare Winner ko gudluck dete huve brilliant @DollyBindra@RealVinduSingh@HerdHUSH@ColorsTV@BiggBoss


Air India: Why Government Will Start Bidding Of Airlines

You know that Indian Airlines is one of the biggest airlines. Air India is currently facing the problem of revenue lost. Government is not able to come out from this situation. They provide the package to support the Airlines but that is not helpful for the renovation of this organization. 
The government may change the selling strategy.
The government may advise adding the foreign companies with Indian to purchase the airlines as the joint venture. 
The government wants to add more and more foreign companies during the bidding of Indian Airlines. The main reason to collect more money from this bidding.
The government agreed on the joint venture of local and foreign companies to participate in tender under the terms condition of Indian rules. 
Foreign companies will be authorized 49% of market stake. Airline's ministry has sent this offer to Air India ministry.
Which Companies Are Interested In Airlines Bidding -
Tata and Indigo airlines are interested to participate in this bidding. …

Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma Married, Photo, Place, More

A long waiting period is now over for the fans of Cricketer Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. Both are in love for a long time but they did not except the relationship between the followers and media. 
Shared Photo! Virat And Anushka Marriage Ceremony

Virat Kohli is one of the best cricket players and he is the caption of Indian Cricket Team.
Anushka Sharma is a good actress of Bollywood and done a good job in cinema.
Both hide the date of the ceremony from followers. Several times media persons asked about the marriage. 

But they denied sharing anything about his personal life. Virat told that they will share the date and place if they agree and finalize.

Media and newspaper reporter caught them together on several spots.
According to the sources, the couple has tied the knot in a private ceremony. 

List guest was available there, approximately 50 to 60 nearest persons. The ceremony completed in Italy.
Virat and Anushka have shared ceremony photos on twitter handle. Statem…

Massive Open Online Course, Digitization, SAP, Network

Digitization is the demand for growth. The technical sound country looks on development work and spends less time to end the project with accuracy. The USA is the example of it. The government of India is also working on the digitization and serve a concept of “Make Digital India”.
Open SAP Training & Certification, Admission, Online Course

Digital India means everything connects with technique and provides massive data for final judgment at any point.
If you talk to the present scenario, every field has increased the network. Society and organization are effecting by this network. Employee and customer relationship is changing with time.
Change in the market has given pressure to change the management skill. This change has increased the power of employee and customer in the market, they aware of his benefit and that is the main reason to know the actual position of the market.
It is challenging for those students, who are making his carrier in Business Management, they are unable …

India Second Big Smartphone Seller, RBI Extended Wallet Limit

Smartphone and Mobile Wallet is the new tools used by the India people in present trend. Every day both the tools set new height and record of use in the Indian market. Government concept is very clear on that. 

They promise to improve the transaction by the wallet and also want to improve phone connectivity at ground level.
Chines Smartphone Sale Touched New High, Use Wallet For Big Transaction

They launched BHIM wallet scheme or apps to make the transaction smooth and online. They also did the work for Smartphone industry and start a scheme ‘Make In India’. 

That means making the product in India to increases the jobs and value of Indian market.

India Is Now Second Largest Market For Smartphone.
India has become the second largest market for Smartphone. This report comes from the big analysis company ‘Canalys’. The report says that Indian market sales 40 million units for first time.
4 crore Smartphone has been the sale in India between the third quarter of 2017. This data is approximate…

Google Photos Storage, Benefits, Backup Review

Google is providing several tools worldwide to tech people. Who want support to resolve the issues online. Google team provides the platform to those, who want to express his views online by Blogger Blog

Google search engine is a top search engine and billion of visitors visit on that. Every people know about the wide range capacity and capability of Google search engine.
Make Soft And High-cover Album From Google Photos Login.

They provide tools for language conversion, to help people of other countries to read the article in the local language and could collect information. 

Google has penetrated in all fields of technology and shared beneficial tips for people through updates.
What Is The Google Photo Album And Benefits?
The number of companies is available to make the online photo album and they are providing good results, now Google entered in this field to given something better from the present. 

The name of the site is Google Photos.This tool helps you to save your photo in cloud-f…

What Is Lease Finance And Lease Agreement (Define)

Here is the simple definition of the lease finance and meaning of lease. The number of people does not know the basic function and definition of the lease. The lease agreement is a legal document and format of lease agreement make according to the rule and regulation of countries law.
Point Out Lease Agreement, Definition, And Basic Knowledge.

Meaning of Lease - property transfer act defines lease as “ A lease of immovable property is a transfer of a right to enjoy such property, made for certain time, express or implied, or in perpetuity in consideration of a price paid or promised, money, share, service value to be rendered periodically on specified occasions to the transferor by the transferee, who accept the transfer on such terms”.
Actually, a valid lease means there must be a transfer of the right to enjoyment of the immovable property.
What is Lease Financing -
This is the process of the contract of financing or money lending against the cost of the asset. This conditional contrac…