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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

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8 Free SEO Analysis Tools Available Online Bloggers (Free)

The better way to understand the SEO function is that it is the best way to create content to crawled by Search Engine smoothly. So, you have to make your site Google friendly. The best way to follow-up the guidelines provided by Google authority. 

Best Free SEO Tools For New Blogger To Analyze Website Performance

Best SEO based site saves the time of visitors and improves potentiality of content. Speed to download from site try to sustain visitors with the site for his content, they do not move to another site. 

So, you have to completely check the site strength, remove error pages, use of JavaScript, hosting and minimum redirection. 

Keyword research and best content development is another part, which helps to improve quality and traffic off-site. 

Optimization of site advice available with Search Console, Webmaster center blog and discussion forum for free.

Here I would like to said that you can check below given details through Best Free SEO Tools and rectify with guidelines.

1.  Create unique and accurate page title.

2.  Accurately describe the page content.

3.  Create unique title tags for each page.

4.  Meta Tag description - Google might use as snippets for your page.

5.  Provide the unique description for each page.

6.  Use necessary keywords in description part.

7.  Creating Google-friendly URL

8.  Check homepage navigation and confirm that is working properly

9.  Fix 404 error page

10. Optimize use of images

11. Make effective use of robot.txt file

12. Make your site mobile friendly

13. Create search engine friendly Site-map and add to your site.

Actually, these points are the baseline for rectification to get the highest score in the search engine. Every search engine tools have some fixed criteria and it is not possible to fix all those issues in one shot. 

You have to analyze that which tool is effective and help to reduce error to get the higher score on an average. If your site scores more than 80%, that is great. You can check the SEO percentage of

Now below are given some good and authentic Free SEO Tools Online for the blogger to analyze the percentage.

1. SEO SiteCheckup - This is very good tools for analysis of the site. These tools check the major part of your site, which is very relevant to determine to rank in the search engine list. 

As you know that more than 200 ranking factors are working with Google Search Engine. So, they will be concluded and minimize with the basic requirement of rectifications.   

These rectifications provide substantial and important information of search engine, about the topic and niche of your site to improve the credibility of content and visibility by backlinks.  

Free SEO Tools, Best Google SEO Tools, SEO Blogger Tips, Tools
SEO Optimization By Online Tools
The basic work of this tools to report of any problems or technical issues of your site that are creating problem to rank the headlines in search engine ranking. 

Due to new changes in Google SEO, Page Speed is another factor of ranking in the modern digital marketing world. 

They update according to the changes in Google algorithms like - Google Panda, Google Penguin, and Google Hummingbird. 

The article page of site share update about the SEO changes for blogger.

2. Webphantoms - This is another device to analyze your site SEO health status. My site has scored 85%. This is a good score. Some part of the analysis is not capturing the tools. 

So, the score may be low. But you have to make your site SEO friendly by given output. 

This will check URL, Speed of Site, Title tag, Description Tag, Image analysis, Heading Tag, Social and Mobile friendly details and Domain analysis.

They also provide SEO booster, Social media marketing, and Email marketing program for blogger.

3. SEO Analyzer Of Neilpatel - This site will provide you good analysis report. Basically, the site owner is a renowned blogger and they know perfectly, which part of the site is important to rectify. His analysis is totally based on the SEO tips. 

They assure that if you want more and more organic traffic from the search engine then you will be corrected SEO error of site.

The best part of this analyzer tools is that you can use it several times without agitation. They did not set any limit of searching. So, check your website’s SEO: free analysis tool - Neil Patel.

4. SEO Optimizer - Analyzer is typical. They set grading like A B C C+ etc. But it is good to provide output to optimize the site.They will check SEO, Usability, Performance, Security, Social Page Connection etc.

They are providing separate tools to generate Meta Tag, Keyword, Ping Tester, Broken link checker, Sitemap generator and URL shortening to help of blogger.   

5. Website Grader - This website is supported by Hubspot and the main focus to analyze the site based on Performance, mobile, SEO, and security. 

This is not going in-depth analysis. First, you check your site, you will fill some points are missing from checking.

6. Nibbler - A unique and detail analysis output provide by Nibbler. This will raise some additional error in site. 

Its SEO analysis tester is based on W3 compliant with other details. 

This is fruitful to you to get some unique amendment tips by Nibbler. Take the test of this tools.

7. Dareboost - The basic points raised that improving web performance is not so easy. They provide such type of tools, which test, analysis and monitor the speed of page together and will give important output to rectify or improve accordingly your site. 

They are using 100+ checkpoints with 11 test location.

8. Woorank - You can use it for free to know about the SEO error. This is the good resource for you, to know about the loopholes in the site, which are affecting to rank in search engine. 

This is one of the best tools to provide great output. You can get 14 days free trial for depth analysis and support of team member for the rectification of site.

It is very tough to score 90+ by this site analysis tools.

These tools are relevant and collected for you the best 8 tools to maximize the site score more than average. 

The basic tips are that, try to rectify all points, which are different and unique from other test tools. Sure you will achieve your goal.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

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G+Profile URLs, G+ Custom URL, SEO Tips For Blogger Blog

The G+ profile is having the unique and decent features for users. Your Google+ profile send the clear message to your followers about your concept and creativity. Basically, this platform saves your photo and creativity. 

Create Custom Profile URL In Google+, SEO Impact On-Site Traffic

You can create community and add your self from different other platforms.

The platform provides the facility to add your photo, tagline and can share the photo with other people. 

This is the biggest platform to provide the assistance to blogger to make the profile and share content through it. It is also very helpful to increase the traffic on site.

Continue posting and sharing content through this platform, your followers' count will increase day by day. 

The setting option will provide you to share post and content to a specific age group and country.

Best Point Should Know You About G+Profile URL -

1. You can restrict to share the content to a Specific age group.

2. Can choose the option to restrict access by location.

3. You can not facilitate the sale of alcohol and tobacco.

4. The user can view or delete name tag linking you.

5. Can download photo from there.

SEO, URL, G Plus, G+, Profile, Tips, Blogger, Blog
G+ Profile Uses, Generate Custom URL, SEO Tips

How To Get Custom URL For Google Plus Profile -

A customer URL can be created in short to add to your blog content and can use the memorable web address. Google has provided the option to change the URL up to three times in a year.

If customer URL is available for you then the link creation will be seen below the profile image. You have to click on it. The custom URL will reflect and provide the option to choose one of these. 

Now add some text and information then click on TOS agreement. The next step is required your confirmation only.

The basic needs to activate customer URL is -

* You will require 10 or more followers.

* Account should be 30 days old.

* Profile should contain your photo.

* Account should be good standing.

If you are ready to follow these four-star points then you are entitled to create the custom URL.

Why SEO Is Responsible To Drop And Up Traffic On Site-

SEO is very much important for the site. This is the rule to follow the site owner and make the site according to the guidelines. SEO full form is “Search Engine Optimization”. 

If your site is not perfect in SEO, you will lose the traffic. The perfect way to follow the minimum guidelines on your site as given below-

* Description is important

* Page Speed should not be less than 76

* Title should be there

* Meta Description & H1, H2 tag is also important

* Keyword use & Sitemap is mandatory

* URL should be SEO friendly.

* Image optimization

* Headline length criteria

* Robots.txt file is needed

These are some basic points of requirement. The content quality and SEO is the main tools, which will help to improve the site traffic. 

If your site did not comply the above-given star points, the site will not be working properly.

When you start to manage the site then first check your site through SEO checker tools.

Best Of Luck!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

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9 Tips To Load Your Website Page Faster And Score 90 Plus

Friends, as you know that a website Page Load Speed is very important to beat your competitor and improve crawling of site content by the search engine. The minimum time is taken to upload your page enhance the authenticity of your blog and help to improve ranking in Google Search Engine. 

Basically, it is a part of SEO process. The number of searching tools is available to update about the current status of website ranking as well as speed analysis of your site.

What Is Page Speed and Google Recommended Page Load Time, SEO

I would like to share my personal experience about my site analysis. I did not care about SEO process, just write the content and post on my blog Todayfirstevent

But day by day number of page viewers decreased. I could not understand the basic problem of the site.

After written 67 plus blog post, I thought to learn about the process of SEO and faster page load technique. So, first of all, search the best platform to judge about the actual position of site score and status of the page.

The best site, I found was and When I searched my site on gtmetix analyze section, I was surprised that my score was very poor and that was ‘D’ in page speed and ‘E’ in Yslow. 

The number of errors was reflecting. These errors are helping to reduce score and create the obstacle to uplift my site ranking in Google search and crawling autonomic.

Here I would like to clarify that if your site is not optimized according to Google optimization technique. It is very difficult to crawl properly.

So, a site owner should properly analyze the navigation of the site and should amend according to Search Engine Optimization techniques. 

When you completely make your site with SEO technique, that will help to increase organic traffic on your site. 

It has been found that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

To start optimization of blog or site, check your site score by SEO tools. The best way to use given tools for best results.

(A) - This site is very helpful for me to analyze my present status of site health and provided all point details of correction on my site. So, question and solution, both are available here. Your error correction guideline is given on this site. You can check site health by 

The site will provide Server, Page, Resources complete details category wise. Now it is upon you for utilizing these techniques smoothly.

(B) - Another very helpful site to analyze your site. You will get here the details of the error and can correct it smoothly with available tools. 

When I checked my site score on, that was ‘D’ and ‘E’, after correction in the inputs, the score improved from ‘D’ to ‘B’ and ‘E’ to ‘B’. 

Load time of my site was near about 28.1 seconds and now it is 1.9-second average. 

This could be only possible due to correction of error and follow up the recommendation of Gtmetrix.

ideal page load time, google page speed ranking, SEO Score 90 Plus
Gtmetrix Score Of Todayfirstevent

(C) - This is the very good site to check the speed of the page. The recommendation of the amendment is given below of your site score. 

Go with this and correct it according to given information. You will defiantly get good results to speed up page loading. 

Time will be reduced also. In starting time my page score was 60 to 65 and page load time was very high in Pingdom, Now performance grade is ‘B’ with score 85, load time is 1.37s and faster than 82% of the tested site. 

This is not best but good in all respect.

pagespeed pingdom, SEO score 90 Plus, Site PageSpee A
Pingdom Score Of Todayfirstevent
What are the Tips to reduce page load time -     

After the complete analysis, I would like to recommend the below-given correction.

1. Fix your site 400 and 404 error.

2. Minimize redirect pages count.

3. Minify all Javascript and CSS file.

4. Minify HTML, if required.

5. Enable Gzip compression.

6. Optimize images. (use JPG file for image and optimize size by the optimizer, the image size should not be more than 10KB if the image is perfect. Otherwise, you can choose as per your convenient. But you should avoid the large size of an image file).

7. Merge the number of JS and CSS links.

8. Prefer to modify the Synchronize link to Asynchronize link for faster load.

9. Avoid framed image for the site.

These points correction helps to reduce load time. Now I share some important site here to help to correct the above give points.

Use ‘’ to compress Javascript, CSS and HTML files on one click, ‘tools.dynamicdrive.comfor image optimizer, ‘’ for the merger of JS file.

I have used these sites to end the error points.

Know about your Site SEO error points.

Basically, I do not know about the SEO, its utilization, and benefits for the website. I used a site to know about the score. The results were very poor and that was demanding more correction and rectification on site. 

Page speed is necessary but SEO correction is also important to get organic traffic from search engine. So, I started to work on it. The basic points, which are important to get the high score is given below. 

This improvement drastically changes your site visibility in search engine and Google Analytic will give good results of page viewers.

(A) Meta Title should be placed correctly with the keyword.

(B) The meta description should be given with keyword.

(C) Keyword placement on the page.

(D) H1 and H2 heading is necessary.

(E)  Robot.txt file and Sitemap should be placed properly.

(F)  No broken links

(G) Image Property should be filed with alt attribute text and add the caption.

(H) Google analytic, favicon and social media attachment will improve the score.

(I)  The site should be Mobile friendly for users. The number of visitors uses Smartphone to search the site. Every site owner should know that a mobile optimization is important.

Speed Optimization Conclusion

Other important points are necessary is ‘Speed Optimization’. Google always prefer the page load speed, the first byte is very important, Crawling of full pages depends upon the page spend time. 

Google already provide tools for indexing by ‘Fetch And Render’ option in webmaster. But I think that this help to avoid crawling. 

The best way is that search engine automatically goes to website content and crawl the content and index that.

Here I explained all thinks, which I faced during the correction of error and make my site user and SEO friendly with high-speed loading. 

Here I would like to suggest that use the tools which are available in Google Search to short out the error part.

I think this article help to reduce page load time and will get the high score in SEO.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

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10 Best Free SEO Checker Tools For Blogger Site

This is very important to know that “What is SEO” and what role it plays to rank your site in search engine. I have read about SEO functions details in several articles and provide here 10 best free SEO checker tools for blogger site for best ranking in SERP. The fact, which I found, this is important for the site owner to know about the SEO. 

What Is SEO?

It is not the tools to use after completion of site and posting the content. The site owner will have attention when starting to choose site name. The right name with the keyword will attract targeted visitors as well as improve traffic day by day.

A decent traffic receive by site from Search Engine can improve possibilities to make money online. Best SEO practice helps you to write the more searches engine optimized article and get best ranking in Google Search Engine.

The number of persons told that adopt SEO practices are harmful to site. But I would like to confirm that “White Hat SEO” practices are best for site traffic. You can start blogging online with follow up of white hat SEO.

SEO Tools For Beginners, Tips To Rank Site In SERP
Tools To Make Site With Best SEO
If you make the site according to the search engine terms and condition then definitely will get organic traffic. Organic traffic means, traffic - which is relevant to the article and attracts visitor for content.

This type of traffic conversion ratio is very high. Keyword placement between the content is also a part of the guideline. Keyword helps search engine to understand what keyword your blog should rank for?

When you come to optimize the website, two factors are important. First On-page Optimization and second is off page optimization.

SEO OnPage optimization techniques For Blogger.

Link your site post to each other as per content.

Ensure reader to get the solution from content and do not distract or go with other sites.

Write long content with the best quality to improve search engine ranking.

Focus on headline H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6. Length of title characters should not exceed from 60 characters with spaces. Don’t repeat H2, H3 tag too many times.

Use the targeted keyword phrase in the title tag. The keyword should be low in competition and high in search volume.

Set your post permalink structure user-friendly. Avoid adding symbols, comma’s, bracket etc.
Keep keyword density up to 1.5%.

Use Meta Tag description with the length of 160 characters only for better Click Through Rate (CTR).
Image optimization for SEO is important. Write words in the caption as well as set image alt text in properties option. If you do not fix it before publishing the post, it will reflect as an error in Bing search engine SEO checker.

Use GIF file to upload the picture instead of JPG. GIF file is short from JPG and takes less time to open. That will help to maintain the speed of a site.

These SEO tips make your site search engine friendly and will help to get higher ranking in search engine.

10 Best Free SEO Tools For Website Checkup.

SEO Analyzer – This is online SEO checker. Good in all respect and provide all details category wise for site improvement.

The site owner can check SEO, Meta Tag, Keyword Position, Page Speed of Site, Mobile friendly analysis, Keyword density and suggestion, Social link popularity and Page Rank. These tools correction guidelines improve your page content and increase search engine ranking.

SEO Site Checkup – This is basically paid service. But the first time you can get free site analysis and correction details. This site checkup tool is very useful for Small Business Owners. The guideline is very easy for the site owner to make is site SEO friendly.

They are providing analysis team and tools to know the exact position and see where search engine may interpret the site.

SEO WebpageAnalyzer - Free version online tools to analyze page in a single click. These tools assess the quality of pages, quality of content for the search engine.

Improvement part will reflect in Red and pass in Green. Site owner easily assesses the improvement part of the site. You can download free Apps to assess your site anywhere.

Neil Patel SEOAnalyzer – Neil Patel is the big blogger, so definitely tools will be helpful for the new blogger. Basically, I used this tool for Site Analyzing and correct most of the part as per guideline.

This is free SEO checker tools. It is best to make the site to earn money online and helpful for small marketing. Go with Neil Patel Blog for more knowledge and tips.

SmallSEO Tools – This tools checker monitor your site scores easily. Tools provide every improvement points to get ranking in search engine. Capture right audience to uplift business online. Small SEO Tools is best free website SEO checker.

SEO RCH Analyzer – SEO RCH help to get 4 most important OnPage SEO factors. Like - Title, Meta Tag, Content Text Length and Internal Links. Provide information about your site OffPage data – that is link popularity and Wikipedia Backlinks.

Define your site presence in Social Media. The best part of this Analyzer is its definition about the dependency of Site Ranking Keywords. Awesome SEO Checker Online is available.  

SEO Workers – SEO workers analyze your site user experience, analysis the usability of visitors and optimize your site conversion technique for effective conversion online.

Tools confirm site run as per guideline of Search Engine and recommend the optimization technique. Zests are – improve search engine visibility and conversion rates. You can get high ranking of site ethically.

Tools will balance the user interaction with the site as well as what search engine required to index and rank content effectively.

SEO Checker – This is a comprehensive site analysis tools for blogger blog. This is free site checking tools. You can get insights on your competitor’s site. This helps to optimize your blog to beat competitors ethically.

The best part of this SEO checker to provide Free SEO Tools – MetaTag Generator, Keyword Generator, URL Shortener, Broken Link Checker, SitemapGenerator etc for blogger and site owner.  

Website SEO Checker – This SEO checker is in the different format. This will helps to the quality of URL. The site owner can avail the facility to check site Domain Authority, Google Index etc.

The number of URL position can check in the single click. Best SEO practices are available to defeat your competitors. – Best SEO checker site with available tools. MOZ Blog content on SEO provides depth knowledge and clear all concept of site configuration.

Question and answer system is clear all doubt of blogger. Webinars can learn SEO Optimization Techniques to start blogging online. This is the famous blog and growing in Alexa Ranking.

These 10 SEO checker tools are very effective for your site to rectify those issues, which are important for optimization of the site.

I have checked my site on several tools and try to resolve the issue. Google Search Engine does not follow the Meta description for search engine ranking. Google do not very curious about Image Alt Tag option, but if you will go on other search engines like Bing, it is an important part of SEO Analysis.

So, you will have to very careful to fix these issues at the time of publishing the content on site. Length and quality of content are also playing vital role to rank your site in search engine. Try to write article more than 1000 words and interlink the content with other posts of the site to work more of robot.txt.

At the time of the beginning of my site “”, I was not aware of the blogging tips and keywords placement in the blog. I learned more and more about this on several another top blogger blog like - SaveDelete, Shoutmeloud.

These blog tips were marvelous for optimization of the site and help to get more visitors on site. Basically, SEO correction gives power to your blog to receive more and more traffic on site.

This traffic will be organic traffic and Google Search Engine generates this if site fulfills all criteria of optimization and adopt best SEO practices.

I think this content will be helpful to the new blogger to know about the SEO and can get the suggestion for improvement in the site by above given 10 Best Free SEO Tools For Website. Share your view in below box to improve site content quality.