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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

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How To Fix Common Upgrade Problem On Windows 10

If you are a user of Windows 10. You face problem during upgradation on windows 10. And continuously so many problems faced by you during installation and downloading. Let’s discuss, how to resolve this issue.

You receive the number of error message during up-gradation, but all this help to worsen the problem. To resolve this issue, assure from your side that your Wi-Fi connection is working fine.

Windows Update Trouble shutter - First, you have to use this tools. Windows trouble shutter starts the scanning process instantly and will help to find the issue. 

This tool is capable to resolve the issue without any support. When your problem resolve with this tools then close it and reboot the computer.

windows, upgrade, error
windows 10 upgradation 

Clean The Updates Download Folder - If you are facing the problem with downloading the file, it may be possible that file will be corrupted. Now you have to delete this file from the download folder.

The system will automatically start to download the fresh file. To delete these file, just press windows key with ‘R’ button and open the ‘Run’. 

Now write in your computer browser - C:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload, and press enter or write this in start menu option. 

When you press search option, a new window will open, now you will confirm that file has been deleted or not. If yes then restart your computer and again update the window.

Disable Anti Virus Option - If you are facing the problem of windows updation, then disable antivirus option. Then check the issue.

Disconnect Drive and VPN Connectivity - The another option to disconnect all drive and VPN connectivity. This may be helpful to resolve the issue. If you are using an SD card, please disconnect it too.

Use Media Creation Tools - If all these tips are failed then use media creation tools. This will help to make an installation the file of windows 10 and again try.

Before using this tools, please take the backup of your important files.

Process - First you will go on ‘Gait Windows 10’ then click on ‘Download Tool Now’. The next step you have to adopt that to save the file and open it. 

You will get the option to accept ‘Terms & Condition’. Just click on it and tap on next for installation.

These are the best tips for the user to resolve the issue of windows 10.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

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Best Tips To Use AR Stickers In Google’s Motion Stills App

Google has launched a new app and the name is ‘Motion Still’. The best use of this app is, you can record small video with this tools. You can see the recorded picture in the special form. A user can create GIF with the help of tools, they can make the clips and share with friends and colleagues.

A new update is done by Google to add AR Characters. You can add this features to a photo. These features are working very fine in 5.1 version android.

Sticker, App, Android, AR, GIF
AR Sticker Creation & Application

What Are The Best Tips To Use Motion Still Apps?

This is very simple to use this tools. First, download the motion still app and install it on your Smartphone.

Now open the app. You can take the picture by the display screen. The left side will show the AR mode. You will see some animated picture when you tap there.

The app will add one of the AR stickers in your created seen. They will ask again and again for the right place to add the AR Sticker.

A green dinosaur automatically selected by the system, but you can go with other favorite characters.

The character will be automatically adjusted and get the exact shape insistently.

Now if your frame is ready then start the recording by clicking on the shutter button. Recording can be stopped if you again click on the same button. Now save the new video.

How To Edit?

When you will see the left side a gallery option is available. You can edit with the help of this option. Now click the share button, which is given in right side of the screen.

These are the tips to use the Google Motion Stills App to add the sticker to your created video. 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

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How To Know Who Tracks Your Mail

It is very simple to track anything with the help of the technical instrument. You should be aware that, is your mail save from other. Use technical tools to find the exact details of hacker and intruder.

Today it is very easy to track the mail delivery status and other activity. E-mail tracking is very helpful to know that mail has been delivered to right address or not.

Now, lets start to know who is tracking your E-mail and how to disable it intently.

Mail, Tracking Mail, Tools

What Is Tracking?

There are two types of E-mail tracking. First tracking software attaches an invisible image and that can be tracked. The second user receives a link to e-mail content and that reflect if they click on this link.

To know the information about e-mail, you will be connected the tracking software with the server. But link will automatically start the work.

How To Know That?

Search The Outside Image - Most of the e-mail service provider does not show the outside image like Google, Yahoo, G-mail, outlook. 

Your mail provider requests you to open the attached outsider image. Now it is upon you that you can decline this request and disable Email tracking.

Avoid Unrealistic Links-

Don’t click on every link of your mail. Avoid opening the unrealistic,  Unknown link. Because they will not take the time to hack or steal your data. 

If you have no objection that sender will know, you are tracking his mail. Then you can click on it.

Be Careful On Third Party E-mail Address-

Some server sends the E-mail through tracker e-mail. If you want to know about the mail tracking then track E-mail service with an option for the original message.

To find the address of original message press ctrl+F and type.COM. Now every email address or website name will be in front of you.

If you are in suspicion then search online to see that sender is connected with tracking service or not.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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How To Recover Deleted File From Google Drive (Tips)

Google Drive is the best option for users to save his file, photo, video electronically. They can access all the stored important document from anywhere in the world as per requirement. They will not carry manually. 

Google provides free storage capacity for all users. The limitation set by the authority to use the space of 15 GB in free. 

When you want to use more than that, you have to pay a certain amount. The plans provide 100 GB & 1 TB.

Now comes on the basic point. Sometimes you lose or delete your important file by mistake. 

That possible, then press the backspace button or other keys of your system and file delete. That creates irritation.

But you can recover your file by adopting some simple steps.

Google, Drive, Recover File, Deleted File, Storage, Device
Google Drive 

Tips For File Recovery

If you have recently deleted your file when using the Google Drive or Google Drive Desktop. Then you can recover it. Follow the given steps.

First login your Google G-mail account. Write on search area. Press enter button. 

If you get your file in the list then click right on that and press restore option there.

File, Recovery, Google Drive, Device, G-mail
Google Drive Process Image

How To Search Lost File On Google Drive

If you are unable to find a file and not confirm of deletion. Then go on and press enter button. 

Now click on My Drive option, which is given on left side. Next, go on the right side and click on ‘info’ option, which is in the upper position.

If will get the list of the file now search your file, if remember. If did not recover your file move to search and click on down arrow. 

You can also search the file with advanced search option too.

After all this marathon run, still, you did not search your file then contact to Google. They will help to recover the file. 

It is only possible if you are using google drive from your consumer account.

These are the steps, which helps to the new user.

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How To Create Instagram Account On Mobile, PC

Basically, Instagram use is very easy on mobile. You will take the photo of a moment and can air on your Instagram account in second. If you have a computer and want to use for your Instagram account, you will be carried it in every moment. 

It is not easy to move the computer instead of mobile.

The use of Social Media has improved drastically. Youngster uses these social tools to capture every moment of life. 

The user's count is increasing every day on social media. Companies also know the facts, so they are providing varies tools on their platform to make the life easier for users. 

Recently Live Streaming function introduced by several media houses and that is hit among the users. 

They also maintain the quality of delivery to compete in the market.

Create, Account, Instagram, Mobile, Computer, PC, Social Media
Know The Way To Open Account In PC & Mobile

Instagram Account For Your Smartphone  From The App

It is the very easy process to register your self to get the access to an account for your Smartphone.

First, download the Instagram app from Google play store or Insta app store as well as window phone store.

After completing the installation of App in your Smartphone, Tap to open it. If you face any issue with opening the app. Then uninstall it and again install.

Now you will require an E-mail account or Phone number. Fill the information in the right way and Tap the next button. 

They will send a confirmation code so place the code as per requirement. During registration process through e-mail and phone number, create a username and password for you. 

To get this you will be filled the relevant information in the given format. Then you press tap Done.

The next option you will get the register your self through the Facebook account. 

You will be prompted log into your Facebook account if you currently log out from the account.

Facebook, Instagram, Account, Mobile, PC, Create, Profile,Smartphone
Look Like This After Creation Of Account In Instagram Through Facebook

Instagram Account For Your Computer (PC)

If you do not have Smartphone, in spite of that can use the Instagram Social Media platform for yourself. Instagram provides the dashboard for these type of users.

Now start to know the process of installation for your PC.

Go with the Enter your E-mail account to create username and password. The second option you will get there to register your self from your Facebook Account.

If you start with e-mail, first click the Sign Up option.

During registration with E-mail account, careful to fill the exact email address there. 

Use only your e-mail address for Sing Up option. Properly log out your account, then leaving the platform of your profile.

Final Conclusion

It is the very easy process of registration and runs the platform on PC and smartphone through apps. 

Use this application and share the content with your friends and colleagues. 

You can also use the Live Streaming option of Instagram to connect directly to other users.

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